Saturday, 28 December 2013

Poverty in Britain

There is poverty and there is poverty.
A couple of days ago my husband told me about this new story:
Meet the unemployed mother-of-two who borrowed £1,700 from EIGHT payday loan companies to buy 'hundreds' of Christmas presents... and now she says she can't pay any of them back
Today a commentator made her point here:
PLATELL'S PEOPLE: A self-indulgent mother and the myth of 'starving' Britain

I used to get people like this at my surgeries. Because they do not work for wages, they spent time organizing, or thinking of organizing, parties for their children.

It was important for some mothers to ensure that their children have every material comfort they have. Never mind who ultimately pays for it.

They know that with young children they would be classed as 'vulnerable' which means that the council will not throw them out of their accommodation.

This is a downside to a comprehensive welfare state.