Monday, 13 June 2011

We have potatoes!

Remember my post about mudslinging?

One of my potato tubs looks like this:

There are "windows" at the bottom of these bags to let you reach in and remove potatoes. My first attempt yielded these:

There are more, but I think this is enough for one (or two) of our forthcoming family meals

I think Singaporeans should begin to grow their own food again. Why not use this method to try growing sweet potatoes on your balcony? Or other root vegetables suitable to the Singapore climate.

My mum used to keep the water from washing rice to water her plants. Only water when the sun is not beating down ie early in the morning or after sundown.

O! And here is a picture of my parmesan and sage bread rolls. The sage is organically-grown in my garden.

Tell me how you get on with either growing or baking.

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