Thursday, 27 October 2011

Anti-welfare and why

I don't have the time (yet) to put together my next instalment of "How to help the poorest" (it is there, ruminating) as I am trying to write a conference paper on the UK benefit culture.

It's really "doing my head in" (as my son would say) with books I covered today in the vein of "So Marx was right, after all", more capitalism leads to more poverty, etc. (But who do these writers expect to fund a comprehensive welfare state? The writers talk about Bill Gates and Warren Buffett making so, so much money, but refuse to also note that they give a lot of their wealth away. O, don't get me started.)

This evening I got onto this website and found a whole list of "books".

Brilliant. That's my homework sorted for the next few days.

Civitas is, as you will see, rather "anti" the welfare state as it stands.

Enjoy reading!

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