Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Kama Sutra

I came back from running errands in the rain to my weekly helper going, "I think I should show you what I found in your son's room."

It was a pocket version of the Kama Sutra.

I laughed, more so from the look on her face than anything else, and said, "O! That's alright. It's our copy."

"We want to be the ones teaching him about these things rather than let him learn from people we don't know whom."

Apparently our son was the only one who managed to keep a straight face when the new Science teacher taught them human reproduction.

We've always said that we must teach him about sex, about responsible sex, and other related values ourselves and not expect someone else to do it, or let him learn from reading pornography, or whatever.

The control over when to do this was taken out of our hands when he heard the TV news report of a British woman (and the man as well??) being taken to court for having sex on a Dubai beach. I did not manage to change channels quickly enough.

"Dad, what is sex?"

Dad gamely stepped up to the plate and did a very good job explaining. The mechanics.

On other occasions when the context was right, we reinforced the values.

Now, nearly 13, he's learning about his growing body and anticipate the massive changes ahead. Dad enlightens him about experiences that only dads have.

Back to mechanics again.

So why not the Kama Sutra? And also the Song of Solomon in the Bible?

There is the occasional "Yuck!", but he's established that Mum and Dad are the ones to talk to about these things.

Job done?

Not quite. I've started praying for a Godly woman that God would nurture to support my son in his adult life.

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