Monday, 11 January 2016

David Bowie est mort

Update on 16th January 2016: I agree that the 'grief-fest' was a bit OTT. 'Celebrities' had been jumping on the bandwagon to share their association with DB. Typical.


Je suis très désolé.

Tuned in to BBC Radio 4 early this morning and heard the shocking news that David Bowie had died.

"What? Surely not," I thought.

Then confirmation was 'double-confirmed' and interviewees were 'wheeled in' (on phone lines). Even the Archbishop of Canterbury had to share his view on David Bowie.

I think 'Space Oddity' was what woke me up to pop music, thanks to Rediffusion. Prior to that, I was listening to my siblings' songs and suddenly there was "Ground control to Major Tom".

When I finally got to FB I posted: David Bowie est mort: Starman has undergone eternal Changes to become Space Oddity. (I once requested Space Oddity to be played on Rediffusion.) From Ashes to Ashes. Sorrow.

Somehow "est mort" ("is dead" in French; mort as in mortuary, post-mortem, etc) seems to say it better.

Throughout the day tributes had been pouring in. The Telegraph is a good source. I look forward to tonight's TV Tributes as the stations replaced their advertised programmes to honour DB.

He was just a man, you know. I don't think they are going to name an airport after him and all that. But what a talent he was.

Would Singapore see the equivalent of one like him? Anita Mui (Hong Kong, sadly also late) reminded me a bit of him in the way she kept re-inventing herself.

The Chinese (as in many other cultures) have this thing about the number of people attending your wake/funeral as an indicator of your importance or impact on their lives. Makes me think again: what would people say at my funeral?

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