Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Did Khaw call Lim 'you'?

Whoa! Is it true that a Singapore MP/Minister actually said this in Parliament?

"This is self-righteous and - pardon me for saying so - arrogant. Many of us in this House have been serving Singapore for decades, long before she entered this House.  Please, don't behave as if you're the only patriot in this House."
Surely this would have been deemed language that is not acceptable in the House and for which the Speaker should call the Right Honourable Member to order?
In the British House of Commons where Members of Parliament debate, there are strict rules about how a fellow Member is to be addressed.

Speeches are directed at the Speaker (theoretically in a non-partisan role), not to fellow Members, and fellow members should be addressed as 'Member for [name of  constituency]' or referred to as the 'Right Honourable Gentleman/Lady'.

Technically even the 'she' used is out of place, and the 'you' is definitely unParliamentary language for which the Member should have been censured by the Speaker.

Did this happen?

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