Monday, 6 May 2013

How a left-winger became right-wing

Attached below are links to two articles by Melanie Phillips.

These are timely as I had been pondering what left-wing and right-wing means in this country.

Ms Phillips writes about how children are not taught knowledge but are encouraged to imagine. I have written elsewhere that Knowledge alone is not enough. Little children do need knowledge to begin with.

One learns to tell a dog is not a cat, a simple fact [knowledge], understanding the differences between dogs and cats [comprehension], in order to know how to look after a dog (take it for walks) differently from a cat (it goes walkies on its own accord) [application].

Then we can talk about the different types of dogs and cats, what makes a type of dog different from another in some ways, but similar to cats, and other animals in other ways [analysis].

We can then put these facts together and say dogs, cats and other animals have such properties and behave in these certain/different/unusual ways [synthesis].

Then we can consider how dogs, cats, other animals relate to human beings and discuss cruelty to animals in relation to warfare (food security, famine, etc) and why we need to care for animals (all animals, some animals, animals bred for experiment, etc) [evaluation].

In Singapore we push teaching of facts (I have been told).

In the UK some schools do not teach facts, but how do young people debate higher-order questions when they have no basic facts with which to debate?

Part 1:
Why the Left hates families: MELANIE PHIILLIPS reveals how the selfish sneers of Guardianistas made her see how the Left actively fosters – and revels in – family breakdown...

Part 2:

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